Sunday, May 29, 2005

3rd Revision- Reflects recent news

1. Milwaukee Andrew Bogut- C Utah
Supposedly Redd is coming back, a cornerstone center or point guard is needed. Bogut is the choice. Has to start right away, Gadzuric is where he should be, a servicable backup.
2. Atlanta Chris Paul- PG Wake Forest
For a team with so many holes, Paul is the impact player with the most upside that they need. Great leader can score and distribute effectively. Atlanta has a surplus of SF/PF types, so M. Williams is not an option at this point.
3. Portland Gerald Green- SG High School
Rumored to be the pick here. Charlotte really wants this pick. Portland needs an impact player right away. Green isnt that, but the potential is too much to pass on. Superstar potential. Portland also seems to be high on Martell Webster. Also this pick could potentially go to Boston in exchange for Paul Pierce.
4. New Orleans Deron Williams- PG Illinois
Starts right away for the Hornets. Magloire, J.R Smith & Williams is a nice nucleus to build around. New Orleans thrilled to get Williams after they traded Baron Davis last season. Promise is in place so that means that Marvin Williams slips one more spot.
5. Charlotte Marvin Williams- SF North Carolina
Charlotte could use a PG among other things. Brevin Knight is solid but doesnt have the upside D.Williams has. Felton is rising on some draft boards but since Marvin Williams is the best player available here they take Williams and try to use thier second first rounder on a point guard.
6. Utah Raymond Felton- PG North Carolina
PG is thier number one concern. Felton falls nicely to Utah and is starting from Day One. Felton would be great in a fast paced offense like Phoenix but Utah would work just fine. The Celtics are reportedly real high on Felton but have no realistic chance to get him unless Pierce is moved.
7. Toronto Danny Granger- F New Mexico
Assuming Donyell is back, Granger is still the choice. He can step in right away at the SF position. Last years number one pick Rafael Arujo may start at center, the talented Bosh at PF and Granger who has been improving his stock starting at SF or backing up Donyell. PG remains a need but with another first rounder they can address that later. Granger has been unconsious in workouts, reportedly hit twelve NBA threes in a row.
8. New York Fran Vasquez- C Spain
We all know how much Isiah loves PF, he simply cannot resist Vasquez here even with Sweeney waiting. Vasquez can also play center. Experienced player here, this isnt's Skita or Darko here.
9. Golden State Charlie Villanueva- PF Connecticut
Team is ready for breakout year. Stacked with players everywhere. Can afford to take a chance on Villanueva who is one of the most versatile players in the draft. Andriuskevicius was a strong possibility as well before pulling out of draft. Golden State may have a promise in place to Channing Frye.
10. LA Lakers Jarrett Jack- PG
Experienced PG who could help LA immediately. Jack is the fourth rated PG in the class but considering Chucky Atkins is the only PG on the roster they almost have to take Jack. Celtics have shown interst in Jack as well.
11. Orlando Antoine Wright-SG Texas A&M
After a strong draft last year, SG is priority now. Wright is big, athletic and should make an impact right away. Nice combo with Howard and Francis. Joey Graham could easily go here as well. Wright may not be here at this point due to strong workouts.
12. LA Clippers Channing Frye- C Arizona
The pieces are coming together for the Clips. Channing may start or backup Kaman/Brand. Hakim Warrick is my sleeper pick here. Frye has had impressive workouts, rumored to go to Golden state at #9.
13. Charlotte Martell Webster- SG High School
Nice acquisition by Charlotte here. They dont get the PG they need, however. After getting Marvin Williams, they take a gamble with the exciting Webster.Hopefully not another Deshawn Stevenson. Other positional depth remains a need but as Hubie Brown would say "Webster has tremendous upside potential".
14. Minnesota Yaroslav Koralev- SG/SF Russia
Finally back in lower part of the draft and they decide to go foreign with the pick to beef up the frontcourt. Ton of talent here with Koralev, thought to go much higher. Is the best player on his current team.
15. New Jersey Johan Petro- C France
Need a big desperately, may look to trade this pick. If they keep it its Petro. Chris Taft is a strong possibility here also. Either one is not a polished player, I'd actually prefer Petro at this point.
16. Toronto Roko Leni Ukic- PG KK Split
Already taken Granger with their first pick now would like a PG. If he stays in, Roko is the pick here. Another player with potential buyout issues.
17. Indiana Hakim Warrick- SF Syracuse
Bird and his staff are not afraid of taking a HS stud, instead take Hakim Warrick to add some athleticisim to the Pacers. Right now Warrick is all over the place on scout's boards. Recently held workouts with Danny Granger, they both showed thier strengths and did not hurt thier stock.
18. Boston Monta Ellis- PG High School
Ainge and/or his staff have been fixtures at Ellis' games down in Missisippi. Rumored promise to Ellis here if hes still on the board. I believe if he stays in, he has a guarantee from someone and Boston makes sense. Jarrett Jack may go here if LA doesnt select him, with Delonte West moving to the off guard where he fits in better. Sleeper pick: Hakim Warrick if still on the board. (I know the C's have a ton of swingmen but you know Ainge likes the defensive type plus Warrick is the best athlete in the entire draft)
19. Memphis Ike Diogu- PF Gonzaga
Jerry West need a PG but with Swift potentially gone Diogu is the choice here. Memphis would love if he turns out to be the player he is compared to, Elton Brand. Had solid measurements which was a big concern. Is staying in the draft.
20. Denver Joey Graham- SF Oklahoma State
Looking for a swingman type, Graham fits the bill here. Solid defensively which this team needs. With the way his workouts have been going there is no way he is still around this late. Think of a more well rounded Tony Allen.
21. Phoenix Rashad McCants- SG North Carolina
Need bench help, gamble here on HS player a possibility. McCants is the choice, Joe Johnson insurance. McCants has been slipping as of late but someone will roll the dice on him.
22. Denver Rudy Fernandez- SG Spain
Buyout issues, but has skills, can afford to be stashed in Europe for a year. Only 19 years old. Workouts have been solid although unspectacular.
23. Sacramento Julius Hodge- SF North Carolina State
Need help right away. Petrie will make the best of this spot and grab Julius Hodge to help spread the floor. Hodges has been rising after impressive workouts.Abused McCants so bad he had to fake illness.
24. Houston Chris Taft- C Pittsburgh
PG remains a need but nothing at this spot jumps out. Take a chance on Taft for help at C/PF. Taft was once a lottery pick but poor workouts sunk his stock. At this point he's worth the risk.
25. Seattle CJ Miles- SG High School
The Ray Allen situation is the key here. If he goes the Sonics can forget about the season anyway. Went with HS stiff Swift last year, now the pick is Miles. Seattle is clearly in rebuilding mode with this pick here. If not, Francisco Garcia or Ryan Gomes may get in here.
26. Detroit Andray Blatche-C High School
Can afford to gamble, take Blatche. Already have a lot of bigs but that can never be a bad thing. Ryan Gomes may sneak in the first round here. Backup G remains a need. This is the best case scenario for John Gilchrist.
27. Utah Sean May-PF North Carolina
The nightmare ends for May here. After seeing 3 of his teammates selected he goes to a team that could use him.Last years number one pick, Humphries destined to be trade fodder. Felton and May playing together again in Utah.
28. San Antonio Wayne Simien- PF Kansas
Love to go international, not this time. Simien replaces the ageless Horry at PF. Measured a solid 6-9 with shoes on. Angelo Gigli is the rumor here.

.Miami Andrew Bynum- C High School
Turns out to just slide into the first round. Lot of upside no need to rush him. Randolph Morris would be tough to pass on this late in the draft also.
30. New York John Gilchrist- SG New York
Solid pick at number thirty. His draft workouts have been impressive so far, really showing off his scoring ability. They already have a SG/PG combo is Crawford and you could even make the case that Marbury is as well. Strange pick here but I can defenitely see it happening.


Jake Bruno said...

I'd rather see Houston draft either Sean May or Wayne Simien (or Diogu, if he should fall to us) than Taft... Maybe it's just me, but I'd rather have a proven post presence who can dominate under the basket than someone who gets by simply on athleticism. Even if they are undersized, that hasn't stopped people like Brand from being consistent. We don't need another young talent in Houston, we've got a stellar core in McGrady and Yao. We just need someone who can come in and put up 12, 8, and some solid defense.

Anonymous said...

M. Williams going to Charlotte ? The Hawks will never let it happen. Moreover if they had to pick a PG... They'd take D. Williams... C. Paul will never play for the Hawks

Admin said...

The Hawks have Smith and Childress, both play the SF position, both players have shown potential.Not a real need to draft Marvin Williams even though he is the best player available. What the Hawks need is a PG.It's close between Deron Williams and Chris Paul but Paul really has the superstar potential that the Hawks need.

Lamont Leite said...

In Atlanta, the feeling is," We love A. Bogut, we like M. Williams very much and we like D. Willians".M. Williams is just very good and cheap for the Hawks let him pass them by. They have many fowards, but there're some people saying that the Hawks could even try to trade Al Harrington in case they picked M. Williams, but like I said before, just Bogut can make the Hawks change their mind !

Anonymous said...

Like I said, Marvin is a HAWK !