Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Draft News 6/22

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: Now that we know who's in. There will be more of these to come in the days ahead.

New Orleans
#4 pick will select PG Deron Williams- This was one of the first to reach the public. It makes sense if Chris Paul is off the board, however if he is still around at #4 I cant see how they can pass him up. Orlando is trying to find a way to get Williams as we speak.

LA Clippers
#12 pick will select SF Yaroslav Koralev - There is no doubt a promise is in place to Koralev. I have heard multiple teams involved but based on my strongest source I believe it is the Clippers who are about to re-sign Bobby Simmons and have no real huge needs at this point.

Boston Celtics
#18 pick will select PG Roko Leni-Ukic- I like the pick but I dont see Roko lasting past Toronto at #16. Ainge is real high on Chris Paul but there is no way it will happen.

Denver Nuggets #20 will select SF Ersan llyasova SF Istanbul- Denver has planned to use one of thier two first rounders on an international player that they can stash for a year. Ersan is the pick here.

More to Come.......

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