Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Update From Las Vegas Summer League- 7/13

ALL Vegas Team coming Soon!!!!!!!!!!!!
ALL Straight to NBDL Team Coming Soon!!!!!!
Summer League Team Grades Coming Soon!!!!

A lot of teams have good reason to be happy with the performance of some of thier young players in this League. Here is a look at a few teams who have plenty of resaon to look forward to next season. More updates to come.


- Sebastian Telfair- Significant improvement from last year, is in line for a starting spot next season

- Martell Webster- showing a smooth outside stroke, needs to work on all other aspects of his game

- Travis Outlaw- looks ready to ger major minutes next year, too good for competition here


- Justin Reed- Doc Rivers better allocate some minutes for this kid next year, he is arguably one of the top performing players in the Vegas Summer League.

- Ryan Gomes- Soild but unspectacular so far, still in shock that Detroit didnt take Gomes with thier first rounder as Joe Dumars was really high on Gomes. He will be in Doc's rotation next year for sure

- Gerald Green- Shows extrodinary athleticism and good court awareness for his age but weaknesses defensively and playing in the flow of an offense are going to limit his minutes next season. Has a very bright future with the team.


- Dwight Howard- Without a doubt I think he is the best player in this camp. Absolutely dominating performance on both ends of the floor. Is just too good to be here. Howards makes a huge leap next year.

- Travis Diener- Having a strong summer and makes the team no question about it. Should get decent minutes as well next year as a backup. Needs to build some muscle though. Great floor general skills.

New Orleans

- J.R Smith- After disappointing performances from Brandon Bass and Chris Paul (due to injury), J.R Smith has come through in a big way. Still inconsistent at times and out of control but his game has seen huge improvements all around. The shot is still superb butnow more effective as he now has improve his passing.

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