Saturday, December 03, 2005

Quick Observations

My top ten prospects in the upcoming draft. These are the cream of the crop this year.

1. Rudy Gay-SF-Connecticut
Rajon Rondo-PG-Kentucky
3. Adam Morrison-SF-Gonzaga
Tiaggo Splitter-C-Spain
5. Josh Boone-F-UCONN
Rodney Carney-F-Memphis
7. Andrea Bargani-PF-Italy
Nick Fazekas-F-Nevada
Daniel Gibson-PG-Texas
10. LaMarcus Aldridge-PF-Texa

Middle Class: May slide up higher or lower, too early to tell.

Shelden Williams-C-Duke
Hassan Adams-G-Arizona
Paul Davis-C-Michigan
Dee Brown-G-Illinois
Ronnie Brewer-G-Arkansas
Marco Killingsworth-F-Indiana
Mardy Collins-G-Temple

On the bubble: Even with great seasons, may have a difficult time cracking the first round.

Craig Smith-F-Boston College
J.J Redick-G-Duke
Justin Gray-G-Wake Forest
Taquan Dean-G-Louisville
Jared Dudley-G-Boston College
J.P Batista-F-Gonzaga


Anonymous said...

It's ridicolous,Bargnani is the best prospect in Europe more than Splitter,maybe he will be between the first three choices.

NBA Draft 2005 said...

Ya finally got some video of a couple of games. Your right he will be in the top five no doubt.