Monday, January 01, 2007

Random Thoughts For The New Year

- Right now Kevin Durant is the best player in the NCAA right now and yes he is a freshman, reminds me of Syracuse when Carmelo was there for that one season. No one is saying this but Durant could be the #1 overall pick in the draft.

- Jared Dudley should be a first round pick in June but will slip due to the depth of this draft. He has carried a mediocre BC team on his back until he got injured.

- Sean Williams WILL be a first round pick in June. He added muscle and more offensive moves in the offseason. Had a triple double last night, and changes players shots more than anyone I can think of. I think he will go 10-15th overall.

- Greg Oden can start for 80-90% of NBA teams RIGHT NOW. He has been dominating using his non-dominate hand except in the Florida game due to foul trouble. Daequan Cook is damn good as well.

-Florida has a great shot of repeating this season, too many weapons (Noah, Horford, and Brewer all NBA material) and Horford has really shown serious improvement.

-Aaron Gray has put in a lot of work on his game and it shows but he is still slow and I question his overall effectiveness as a starter in the NBA


shane15 said...

Dude what are you smoking!!!! There is no way Oden is picked after Durant.

No Chance in Hell Fool!

MVN said...

Way, Shane15. Way, like Dwight Howard went over Okafur. Remember that!