Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Ongoing Kobe Bryant Situation


Kobe has once again requested a trade out of LA. The Lakers will not trade him to a Western Conference team and since he has a no trade clause the options are even further limited. Kobe has mentioned three teams he would waive this no trade for:

New York
LA CLippers

Playing in a major market is obviously crucial to Kobe so New York would be ideal but there is not enough pieces there to make a deal. Atlanta was not of the OK'd teams but a packing starting with Joe Johnson and Marvin Williams would be interesting to LA.The Clippers have no chance at all so that leaves Chicago. Kobe would love to replicate MJ and would have a realistic shot to take the Bulls to the NBA finals in his first year.

The deal on the table is something along these lines, these are the principals involved:

To LA : Andres Nocioni (Sign & Trade) ,Tyrus Thomas, Ben Gordon
To Chi: Kobe Bryant, Ronny Turiaf

There may also be other salary fodder thrown in to make the deal happen and maybe a swap of draft picks as well.

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Anonymous said...

if i were l.a. i would not make the trade with these guys in return... chicago would have to include hinrich and deng in the deal for l.a. to even consider it... even kupchik is not that stupid... or is he?