Sunday, July 01, 2007

2008 NBA Mock Draft - Lottery Picks

Could be another strong draft depending mainly on how the incoming freshman class develops. Ranked in order of potential draft position. Here's my take :

1. Michael Beasley F Kansas St. - As you probably saw in the McDonalds game he is a great athlete with good size, and one of the most versatile players in the draft. Should step in immediately and make a difference for Kansas St. Can play inside and out, tends to play outside a little too much. Looks forced at times.

2. Derrick Rose PG Memphis - Should be one of the top PG's in the NCAA next season. Truly a do it all type of PG. Can shoot although improvements needed, attack the hoop, and create for teammates. Has good size as well. Going to do a lot of damage in Conference USA next season.

3. Darrell Arthur F Kansas - Will be the man next year for the Jayhawks. If his midrange/outside game improves and he shows the ability to play the 3 then he could go this high in the draft. Still needs to bulk up but I'm predicting a drastic rise in his stock over the season.

4. Roy Hibbert C Georgetown - Pulled out of the 2007 draft, would have gone top ten no question. Still has a ways to go and decided he would be a much more NBA ready prospect after another season as a Hoya. I don't think he has a ton of upside but his size and abilities on both sides of the ball are NBA material. Good basketball IQ and passing skills are also bonuses for a big man.

5. OJ Mayo G USC - Should be one of the most prolific scorers in the NCAA in his one season at USC. Has a scorers mentality almost to a fault. Has been known to play out of control and has developed some bad habits. There are also minor character concerns with him as well. On talent alone he may be one of the top three players in the draft but i can see him falling in the 5-10 range.

6. Chase Budinger F Arizona - Tremendous all around player should a little bit of everything in his first season at Arizona. Top athlete with great size although thin frame. Solid shooter from the outside keeps improving. Scouts will be looking to see if he is the type of player to take over games. He has the talent but can he do it?

7. Kevin Love F UCLA - Tough smart PF who should be a premier player in the PAC-10 next season. UCLA is already a loaded team Love solidify s the frontcourt and makes them a strong favorite going into the season. Love is a very unselfish player think of Luke Walton but with much more talent offensively. Could go top 3 depending on the type of season he has against top NCAA talent.

8. DeAndre Jordan C Texas A&M - Going to a situation where he gets major minutes right away. He can hold his own defensively against anyone but his offensive game is still developing. Good rebounder, shot blocker, will add strength as season progresses.

9. Hasheem Thabeet C UConn - NBA teams love upside and Thabeet has a ton of it. The best shot blocker in the country, may be the best defensive player overall in the country. Has great size/length, coming back to UConn was a very smart decision as his offensive game is brutal. If he can make the same type of offensize progress Sean Williams had at BC then he goes this high.

10. Tywon Lawson PG UNC - Should be the second PG chosen after Rose. Made a good decision staying another year at UNC. Mainly needs to work on his shooting, the PG skills are already there. His size may hurt him at the next level.

11. Eric Gordon SG Indiana - Gordon is already a top SG prospect. What to watch for this season is his ability to play PG. Due to his size that is his projected NBA position. He will be picked somewhere in the late lottery unless he has an outstanding season and shows he can play PG.

12. - Devon Hardin C Cal - One of the top center's in the NCAA. Had his name in the 2007 NBA Draft but wisely pulled out. Hardin must show other all around skills besides dunks/layups. Weak shooter.

13. L.R. Mbah a Moute F UCLA - Lot of potential here reminds me of Jeff Green. Has good size, still developing most of his skills. His progress this season will determine what kind of prospect he will be. Tends to disappear during games, still raw.

Players to watch :

Wayne Ellington F UNC
Chris Lofton G Tennesee
Marcelus Kemp G Nevada
DJ Augustine PG Texas
Tyler Hansborough F UNC
Darren Collison PG UCLA
Ron Steele PG Alabama
Brook Lopez C Stanford
Tyrese Rice G Boston College


Lones Smith said...

Where can I find in a simple format the draft ages of NBA players for many years (30?) ending in 2007? I am a professor of economics, and was ideally hoping that someone had it in excel or *.txt format.

Lones Smith

Famonic said...

Do at all like (AZ)Jerryd Bayless's game? He is a huge part of his team.

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