Wednesday, December 31, 2008

JaJuan Johnson Anyone?

Sleeper alert : JaJuan Johnson from Purdue.

As I mentioned in my mock draft post back in June :

13. JaJuan Johnson F/C - Sophomore Purdue : Should be a double double machine in the Big Ten in his second season. Was a project coming into Purdue but has increased muscle and has been coached to have more of an impact on the defensive end. Very raw but his potential is what gets him drafted in this spot.

The #13 ranking was higher than anybody ranked him before the season. Now I have heard from two sources that he has started to generate legit interest in that range and could go higher. Keep an eye on this kid and don't forget who had this info first.


southcoastballa said...

Eventually maybe; he weighs about a buck soaking wet. 2011 draft.

Anonymous said...

He won't be picked for three years, probably late first rounder...seems like a Celtic.