Saturday, October 14, 2006

Rajon Rando! Lot of Hype Right Now

Can He Be the Rookie Of The Year?

The answer is no. He will be a huge asset to the Celtics this year no question but Brandon Roy or Randy Roye have to be the favorites going into the season. Simply put they will get more minutes and more of a chance to be the first or second option on a lot of plays.

Rondo will play a key role but I only expect him to average around 8 ppg. However, he will also pull down 5 rpg and hand out 5 apg. He will also play D on the opponents best PG or SG, could be good for a steal or two a game.

Bottom line is the Celtics ( GM Danny Ainge) quite possibly have got another steal in the draft with Rondo at #21, the rookie of the year no chance but a key contributor for years to come absolutley.


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Anonymous said...

Rondo is another Kentucky player who got good instruction from Tubby Smith while in school but for some stupid reason was passed over in the draft. He is proving people wrong now.

I wonder if Golden State is sorry they picked Mike Dunleavy when they could have had Tayshaun Prince a few years ago?

NBA Scouts/GM's - NEVER draft a Dookie, they suck in the NBA. Pick a Kentucky boy.