Sunday, August 27, 2006

Top Five High School Seniors

Here is a look at the class of 2007. They will eligible to be in the 2008 NBA Draft. Here are some names to look for.

1. OJ Mayo PG - Ohio's finest, expected to be one and done at USC or wherever he decides to go. Projects to be a great pro, has good size, leadership skills and an improving mid range shot to go along with a strong 3 point shot. Attacks the basket with aggression, can finish after contact and in traffic.

2. Eric Gordon SG- Indiana sharpshooter hs been called the best pure shooter to come out of high school since JJ Redick. Like Reddick his size and weight are issues at this point but after a year or two in the NCAA, I think you could be seeing a mix of a more polished Gerald Green type athlete with the shot of JJ Reddick. Will he be able to play the point?

3. Donte Greene PF- Syracuse commited lanky scorer/shotblocker, think Hakim Warrick with a jumpshot. Not as raw as Warrick was at his age though. He will need to continue to refine his mid range game to get NBA scouts even more interested as he will be asked to play SF in the pro game.

4. Michael Beasley PF- Oak Hill standout, plays an inside outside game which makes him unstoppable at the top high school level. May take more time to adjust to the college game than others and his quickness will be a concern but at his size double doubles will be the norm. May rise as high as the #2 propspect over the course of the season. Needs to improve overall ball handling skills.

5. Bill "Sky" Walker SF- Another Ohioan, not sure if he reminds me of Rodney Carney or Shane Williams or a combination of both but either way you could make the case that he should be a lot higher than #5 on this list. Can shoot the ball, but is known more for his ridiculous dunking ability, Vince Carter (before injuries) type hang time. His shot should come around to be much more consistent than it is now as Walker is known to be a gym rat. Can score on literally anyone at the high school and maybe even college level.

Others to watch: (Name, Position, High School State)

Kevin Love PF Oregon
Chris Wright SF Ohio
Derrick Rose PG Illinois
Chandler Parsons SF Florida

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