Saturday, August 05, 2006

2006 Pre-Season All Rookie Team

I'm off for a much needed vacation but before I leave here is a look at my 2006 NBA Preseason All Rookie Team. These are the players I think will have the most impact next season. Many of the early picks in the draft you wont see on my team as they wont get the consistent minutes these players will get, however in the long run many of these players will turn out to be better than the ones on this team.

PG Jordan Farmar Los Angeles Lakers
SG Randy Foye Minnesota
SF Brandon Roy Portland
PF Shelden Williams Atlanta
C Hilton Armstrong New Orleans

Honorable Mentions- Rajon Rondo G Celtics, James White Indiana, Thabo Sefolosha Chicago, Ronnie Brewer Utah

Rookie Of The Year- Randy Foye Minnesota

Be back in September with many more updates and the upcoming start of NBA training camps.

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Anonymous said...

So far this isnt looking good but it's still early.