Sunday, March 11, 2007

Pre NCAA Tourney Info

OK heres the deal. The tourney is about to start and this is where players can seemingly come out of nowwhere and rise up the draft board.

Couple Players to watch besides the big names like Oden, Durant, etc...........

Jeff Green F Georgetown - Big East Player of the Year. Can carry a team on his shoulders, plays within the team and can do basically anything on the court at a high level. Hard to label because he can do so many things, just watch and see for yourself. He has been on the late first round bubble all year but now he can really shoot up the board with a strong performance in the tourney.

Bryce Taylor G Oregon - Listed as a generous 6-5 according to Oregon Sports Info Dept. I see him around 6-2 but thats not the point, he is a tough player as he is not afraid to bang down low but he really shines offensively. Is having a nice rebound season after a disappointing sophomore year. His problem will be playing the point in the pros, I think if he can show that he can, he is in the first round no question.

Jared Dudley G/F Boston College - Has been facing double coverage every game since Sean Williams was suspended. Look at the stats as it hasnt affected his numbers much but you can see it is wearing him down. I think this will help him immensely in the NBA as he wont face this type of attention. He is a pure scorer and a good rebounder as well, I compare his college game to Paul Pierce.

Sean Singletary G Virginia - Exciting performer in the tough ACC conference. More of a scorer than a true point. Needs to shoot with more consistency. Reminds me of a bigger Nate Robinson.
Also on Virgina, J.R Reynolds is an intriging prospect as well.

Jamar Wilson G Albany - May only get one chance to see him in the tourney unless they pull a major upset. What your getting with Wilson is one of the best players in the NCAA. Had he played for a higher profile school you may be hearing about him in the late first round of the draft. He is undersized for sure but a good rebounded and his effort alone should get him in the second round, and I think he will stick with the right team.

DJ Strawberry G Maryland - Will be a late first round pick. Has improved every year at Maryland. One of the best one on one defenders in the entire NCAA. His offense is based on a slashing type of game, but can shoot above average as well. Safe pick will make a strong team even stronger.

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