Sunday, March 25, 2007

Update on some big names and where they stand at the moment

Roy Hibbert C Georgetown - Will be coming out as he has worked his way to be a top ten pick. I am impressed with his passing skills for a big man and I think top 10 is justifiable. This isn't Patrick O'Bryant , lot of growth potential here.

Ron Lewis G Ohio State - Should get a look in the second round from teams looking for a shooter, his overall game can't be overlooked though. Solid throughout and is an above average athlete. Reminds me of a poor mans Michael Redd.

Tyler Hansbrough F North Carolina - Still undersized but as tough as they come. Plays with a lot of passion and will do the dirty things that can be the difference between a win and a loss. Will not be a dominant player in the NBA. Late first rounder.

Mike Conley Jr. PG Ohio State - Has outstanding court awareness for a freshman. Can put up points if he needs to. Top 15 pick right now.

Ty Lawson PG North Carolina - Of he comes out he is a top twenty pick mainly due to a lack of strong competition at PG in this years draft. I think he needs one more season and learn how to play more under control.

Joakim Noah F Florida - Anyone who takes him in the top ten should be fired on the spot. He is what he is, a high motor energy guy. He can help on the right team but you cant expect him to be your franchise cornerstone as a top ten pick should be. One of the sorriest offensive players I have ever seen mentioned as a top pick. Mutombo was more advanced back in the Georgetown days than Noah is now.

Josh McRoberts F Duke - Has announced he is entering the NBA Draft. He should go in the 18-25 range. Does a lot of things well and has good size.

Glen "Big Baby" Davis F LSU - Also has announced his decision to go pro. Has lost a lot of weight and is more mobile but still not sure where he fits in the NBA. Measurements will be a key for him. As of right now he is in picks 28-35 range.


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j.c.... just looking at "big baby" makes me wonder why the hell he didn't play football instead of basketball... for his size he's quick and athletic... he would have made a hell of a lineman (offensive or defensive)... too bad... now he'll end up a 3-year nba journey man if he's lucking enough to make a team.