Wednesday, June 24, 2009

NBA Mock Draft 2.0

Going to be a wild night

Here it is :

1. LA Clippers - Blake Griffin F Oklahoma

This is a no brainer for LAC (I hope). In a draft such as this Griffin is the safe pick.

2. Memphis Grizzlies - Hasheem Thabeet C UCONN

They could easily go with Rubio but Mike Conley picked it up last season and the Grizzlies think he is their PG of the future. They have time to develop a project such as Thabeet.

3. OK City Thunder - Ricky Rubio PG Spain

I cannot see Rubio slipping any further than this slot. Whether its OK City taking him or a trade develops. Rubio is the pick at # 3.

4. Sacramento Kings - Stephen Curry G Davidson

Assuming the Kings do not get Rubio, they take the next best thing : Stephen Curry.

5.Minnesota T'Wolves - James Harden G Arizona St

This would be a solid pick for a young team with a need for a scorer. The pieces are fitting for the T'Wolves, PG will be the focus next

6. Minnesota T'Wolves - Jonny Flynn PG Syracuse

Jonny Flynn has risen up draft boards all season long. # 6 seems about right for a player who has some holes but his strength, speed and ability to take to the rim are huge factors in his rise.

7. Golden State Warriors - Brandon Jennings PG Italy

Could be one of the steals of the draft. Jennings is not NBA ready but in year 2 or 3 the Warriors are going to be a force in the Western Conference. Jordan Hill is a strong possibility here.

8. NY Knicks - Tyreke Evans G Memphis

Upside pick here. Knicks are not in it to win this upcoming season so they can take a chance on Evans who may develop into a versatile PG/SG. He is not the Knicks # 1 choice at this point but they would be happy to have him slip to them at # 8.

9. Toronto Raptors - Jordan Hill F Arizona

Hill slips to Toronto who is ecstatic with this pick.

10. Milwaukee Bucks - James Johnson PF Wake Forest

Big time ACC banger should help toughen up this soft team

11. New Jersey Nets - DeJuan Blair PF Pitt

NJ is looking for a "beast". With Blair on the board he fits this profile.

12. Charlotte Bobcats - Terrance Williams F Louisville

Promise is in place, TWill goes to Charlotte.

13. Indiana Pacers - Ty Lawson PG UNC

I think Lawson is the pick and he'll be backing up TJ Ford until TJ's next injury. This pick will also allow the versatile Jarrett Jack to play more off the ball.

14. Phoenix Suns - Gerald Henderson SG Duke

Solid pick here for Phoenix. Henderson is not flashy but he brings defense, toughness, and some scoring ability to a team that has potential to make a deep run if the team stays in tact and everyone remains healthy.

15. Detroit Pistons - BJ Mullens C Ohio St

There may be a promise in place for the Pistons to take Mullens here. This makes some sense to me but I'm not a huge Mullens supporter. He is a long term project who really needed another year at Ohio State. With this pick Detroit is accepting the rebuilding stage of their franchise. What a great run they had though.

16. Chicago Bulls - Demar DeRozen SG USC

DeRozen slips to # 16. He had a disappointing year with the exception of the NCAA tourney. Too many question marks are what's preventing him from going higher, the talent is there but can he put it all together consistently?

17. Philadelphia 76ers - Jrue Holiday G UCLA

I'm torn on Holiday. He is all over the place when it comes to scouts opinions. Is his disappointing one season due to UCLA's system? Is he the next Russell Westbrook? I was hoping he would return to UCLA and prove himself worthy of a top five pick, he'll get his chance in Philly instead.

18. Minnesota T'Wolves - Omri Casspi SF Israel

19. Atlanta Hawks - Eric Maynor PG VCU

With Lawson gone Maynor is the choice here at #19. There is talk of resigning Bibby which would allow Maynor to play a bench role and not be expected to contribute right away.

20. Utah Jazz - Austin Daye F Gonzaga

Big mystery as to what your going to get from Daye. I think with the veterans Utah has in place this would be a good fit for the versatile although inconsistent Daye.

21. NO Hornets - Wayne Ellington SG UNC

Hornets need someone who can step up and score. Ellington will get plenty of open looks and should contribute immediately.

22. Dallas Mavericks - Earl Clark F Louisville

Dallas is a team in full on middle of the pack mode. I think this pick comes down to either Clark or Casspi. I'm going with Clark as he is more NBA ready right now. Let's not forget that going into the season Clark was projected to be a top five pick. This could be a steal at # 22 for a team desperate for young talent.

23. Sacramento Kings - Jeff Teague PG Wake Forest

24. Portland TrailBlazers - Darren Collison PG UCLA

For the record I think Portland trades out of this pick. For mock draft purposes PG is the direction I assume they will take if they do not make a trade. Collison who was steady his entire career at UCLA (except in big games) could be the pick here. I projected him originally in the second round as I feel that where his value is, a first round selection and guaranteed contract seems like a reach for him.

25. OK City Thunder - Tyler Hansbrough PF UNC

Hansbrough gives this young team a solid bench contributor.

26. Chicago Bulls - Toney Douglas G Florida St

With Ben Gordon potentially leaving the CHI with the their second pick Toney Douglas is their man. Toney is a seasoned ACC combo guard who really improved his stock in his final year at Florida State. Center is also a need for the Bulls but no real options here.

27. Memphis Grizzlies - Chase Budinger SF Arizona

Chase finds his way into the first round and may help the Grizzlies in a bench role. They need scoring help in the second unit, Chase may slide into that role.

28. Minnesota T'Wolves - Nick Calathes G Florida

For financial reasons the Wolves pick Calathes with the thought of him as an asset for the future.

29. LA Lakers -DaJuan Summers G Georgetown

The Lakers Championship team will be looking for bench help. With the lack of consistency from Sasha Vujacic,Shannon Brown, etc. I would expect the Lakers to go guard or combo guard with this pick. Ariza may be bolting LA as well.

30. Cleveland Cavaliers - Taj Gibson PF USC

The Cavs are in need of another big man. Taj Gibson out of USC is the pick. Jonas Jerebko is a scrappy forward out of Sweden who may be able to help in a year or two but in year two will Lebron still be a Cav?

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